Historical Committee

Size of the committee: up to 10


Suitable for: advanced delegates who

are ready to role-play

Countries represented: France; Great Britain; Italy; Kingdom of Serbs, Croats and Slovenes; Soviet Union; Spain; Weimar Republic; USA

Do you sometimes feel that the historical leaders were incompetent? That you would have come up with stronger and more sustainable solutions to crises of their times? 


From the medieval Crusades to the milestones of the Cold War, historical committee is a traditional part of the PRAMUN committee portfolio and offers an exciting option for experienced delegates to alter the course of history.


It features standard MUN committee procedures in the given topics as well as occasional crises that require fast decision making and crisis management skills.

Chaired by: 


Rules of


Rules of


masks spanish flu.jpg

The "Spanish" flu pandemic

Synopses to be uploaded soon.