YF takes place in your committee rooms at Jan Neruda High School right after registration. It is an informal yet moderated evening where delegates and chairs get to know each other before engaging in formal negotiations on Friday.


Most of the chairs will make you play some ice-breaking games, others will just let you get to know one another.


It is also an opportunity for students to voice their own opinion on given quotes (see them on the right), as opposed to the formal debates where they have to represent the policies of countries assigned. Feeling strong about one of the quotes? Take floor and let your opinion be heard! Feeling a little shy? Don't worry, nobody will force you to speak in front of everyone.

Youth Forum is 90 minutes long and the dress code is informal or smart casual.

"You are free, and that is
why you are lost.

– Franz Kafka (1883–1924),

Bohemian writer

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